Clan Bawden - Family and Honor

This family history - or more properly, lineage - is the culmination of years of research which was started in 1999. A lineage is a comprehensive history of the people who link a specific person with one of his ancestor. This lineage arranges those links in an unbroken chain descending eleven generations from John Bawden and ending with Francis John Bawden and his younger brother William Bawden. Each biographical text is divided into a life story - which not only includes the individual's vital statistics and parent's names; and the vital statistics and parentage of spouses; but also significant events in the individual's life - followed by a child-list (children listed in birth order, beginning with the oldest).

Francis Rosever Bawden, 1912-1992
      Part 1: Childhood and Cornwall.1912-1934 (PDF)
      Part 2: Army, South Pacific, and Asia, 1934-1936 (Coming soon)

Lawrence Charles Bawden, 1915-1955 (Coming soon)